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Press Release: 29th June 2018

It’s Naming Day for our Brand New Strong Sturdy Rhubarb for 2018
Pink Blossom
Have you been following the journey of the brand-new rhubarb to watch for 2018! We have been tweeting about #SidsJourney from the selection stages, through the successful process in the lab onto it growing up on the nursery until becoming a big strong mature plant! Its been like our baby.
We are so proud of the progress of the rhubarb selection which gained its nickname Sid when someone misread label Selection 51D creating its fun nickname and giving this plant a boost of personality.
After many meetings trying to give Sid the right new name, we are now so proud to announce the new and improved rhubarb selection has been named “Pink Blossom” and is officially being released for Summer 2018!
“Pink Blossom™” is expected to rival the best and be a great success especially for the home garden market.”

The name was influenced by the attractive pink blossom it blooms in the early spring creating a very attractive effect against the stunning large green foliage.
Let’s not forget the most important factor for rhubarb, the taste, which will not disappoint. “Pink Blossom™” has delicious sweet tasting stalks that could even be eaten raw. Not much extra sugar if any needs to be added to your bowl of rhubarb crumble, making that dessert you’ve been craving for healthier, no need to think twice about a little rhubarb treat.

This variety has been selected not only because it is perfect for the home garden market but also because it is equally suited for the commercial grower’s industry too. Hand selected due to its compact strong sturdy stems making it the easiest variety available to propagate, grow and store in containers before planting on in the ground. “Pink Blossom™” establishes quicker than other varieties meaning this variety can be grown with confidence and a lower risk to losses.

With good size stalks, a very strong tidy manageable stature and early blooms, this variety is already loved by many.

“So easy to look after and maintain reducing labour costs to grow”

“Pink Blossom™” is off to a flying start and is set to be another high demand variety. If you want to learn more about our Rhubarb programme you can find out more by clicking here or emailing by clicking on the green email icon tab on the right or bottom of your screen.